Centering on the Ile de la Cite Island in the Seine, and as the capital of France since medieval times, and for long Europe's largest city, Paris has undergone considerable development.
  The city layout which characterizes Paris today was established by the radical restructuring carried out by Napoleon III and Baron Haussman in the 19th century. In addition to the Hauss-man-era layout with the central axis connecting the Louvre Palace and the Arc de Triomphe, and the surface and subterranean waterways, green areas and squares which form the city's basic skeleton, there have been many other city planning initiatives to the present. These initiatives include the repair and preservation of a large number of historical monuments erected by successive monarchs and royal architects, and that of old quarters in parallel with the execution of modern restructuring plans. In this Paris, which has evolved through a number of restructuring, architecture from Roman times through the Middle Ages to modern times and so to the present exists, and it is this harmony and diversity of old and new seen in cities formed of this kind of architecture which is the greatest fascination of Paris and of France.

  In 1989 and 1998, the Kyoto University Library, receiving a part of the cost for materials, defined as books for common national use (major collection), from the Ministry of Education, purchased materials relating to buildings, city streets, squares, famous places and sights such as royal palaces, castles, churches and so on, in Paris and in the Paris vicinity during the period from the 18th to the 20th centuries.
  This collection is composed of materials regarded as useful for research not only into architectural and technological history but also modern French history, urban history, cultural history and topographical description. Here, we introduce six items from the 1989 purchase, which have been designated by this Library as documents of outstanding value, together with woodblock prints and exquisite copperplate prints, blueprints and other documents with an emphasis on materials including city-maps and a rich selection of striking illustrations of buildings from the 1998 purchase.
"Map of Paris "
Plan de Paris
"New description of the city of Paris " (1725)
Nouvelle description de la ville de Paris :
et de tout ce qu'elle continent de plus remarquable
"French architecture " (1752-1756)
Architecture francoise
"The new Paris City Hall 1872-1900" (1900)
Le nouvel Hotel de Ville de Paris 1872-1900
"Various construction projects of the Paris City Hall and bridges " (1756)
Recueil de differents projets d'architecture de charpente
et autres concernant la contruction des ponts
"Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile " (1845)
Arc de triomphe de l'Etoire
"Versailles and the two Trianons " (1899-1900)
Versailles et les deux Trianons
"The Trianons "
Les Trianons : les grands palais de France
"The Petit Trianon " (1885)
Le Petit-Trianon : histoire et description
  "Research of the origin and history of Paris " (1724)
 Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 3, Part 1
Histoire et recherches des antiquites de la ville de Paris
  "Description of churches in Paris and its suburbs " (1759)
Description des curiosites des eglises de Paris, et des environs
  "Dioceses of Paris " (1764)
Etrennes ecclesiastiques : historiques et topographiques de l'archeveche de Paris
et des beautes que l'on y admire : ouvrage utile et dedie au clerge du diocese
  "Historical writings on Paris " (1777)
 Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4
Essais historiques sur Paris

  "17th century maps of major northeastern French cities "
  • Plan et cartes des ville d'Artois
  • Les plans et profils des principales villes et lieux considerables du comte de Flandre ...
  •   "Chateau d'Anet " (1867)
    Monographie du chateau d'Anet construit par Philibert de l'Orme en MDXLVIII, dessinee, gravee, et accompagnee d'un text historique & descriptif
      "Works of Gaspard Andre " (1898)
    L'oeuvre de Gaspard Andre

    "Report of the Edystone lighthouse " (1813)
    A narrative of the building and a description of the construction of the Edystone lighthouse with stone
    "St.Marco Square, Venice " (1831)
    La piazza di San Marco in Venezia : considerata come monumento d'arte e di storia
    "Perspective " (1560)
    Libre de perspective de Jehan Cousin

    • Kato, Kunio. "'18seiki Furansu kenchikuˇ¦toshi shiryo'Heisei 10nendo zenkoku kyodo riyo tosho shiryo(major collection)" Seishu : Kyoto daigaku fuzoku toshokanpo Vo.36 No.4(Kyoto University Library, 2000)
    • Kato, Kunio. "Pari-si rekishiˇ¦chishi kankei shiryo korekushon" Seishu : Kyoto daigaku fuzoku toshokanpo Vo. 28 No.1(Kyoto University Library, 1991)
    • Motooka, Nobuhisa. "Pari hiroba sansaku : utsukusiki shuto no naritachi" (Maruzen, 1998)
    • Uda, Hideo. "Dare ga Pari wo tsukuttaka" (Asahi Newspaper Publishing Co., 1994)
    • Matsuba, Kazukiyo. "Pari no kiseki : media to shiteno kenchiku" (Kodansha, 1990)
    • Pitte, Jean-Robert, ed. ; Kimura, Shousaburo, supervision of translation "Pari rekishi chizu" (Tokyoshoseki, 2000)
    • Morieda, Yuji, photograph and text "Pari kenchiku tanken" Gekkan Takusan no fusigi dai 117 go (Fukuinkan Shoten, 1994)
    • Ohta, Seiroku. "Yoroppa no kyuden" (Rikotosho, 1999)
    • Maekawa, Michiro. "Sei naru kukan wo meguru : Furansu chusei no seido" (Gakugei Shuppansha, 1998)
    • Le Guillou, Jean-Claude, illust. and text ; Iida, Kishiro, tr. "Verusaiyu-kyu : kareinaru kyuden no rekishi" (Nisimura Shoten, 1992)
    • Le Guillou, Jean-Claude, illust. and text ; Iida, Kisiro, tr. "Ruvuru-kyu : Pari wo irodotta 800nen no rekishi" (Nisimura Shoten, 1992)
    • Jiten Gendai no Furansu zoho-ban(Taishukan Shoten, 1997)
    • Nishida, Masatsugu, ed. "Yoroppa kenchikushi" (Showado, 1998)

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