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WWW Dacheng Old Periodicals Database [provided by Graduate School of Letters]
Limit on Number of Users...No limit  Dates of Coverage...1840-1949  Type of Resource...Full-text databases  Subject of Resource...General - Humanities  
The database about journals published in China (1840-1949).

WWW Taiwan Colonial Statistic Database
Limit on Number of Users...No limit  Dates of Coverage...1895-1945  Type of Resource...Full-text databases / Figures, Statistics, Numerical data  Subject of Resource...History  
The Taiwan Colonial Statistics Database (TCSD) was established to preserve the official statistical data from the colonial period and to facilitate academic use of these data. It gathered original colonial statistics stored by the National Taiwan University Library and the National Taiwan Library and now includes 684 books on colonial statistics, 195,513 digital image files, and 104,315 sets of metadata.

WWW The archive Takita Choin kyuzou kindai sakka genkoushu [Web-ver. Nihon Kindai Bungakukan]
Limit on Number of Users...4  Type of Resource...Bibliographic data, Abstracts, Indexes / Full-text databases  Subject of Resource...Literature and Linguistics  Japanese
This database contains 213 literary works from the collection of Takita Choin, a former editor of the journal "Chuo koron".

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WWW Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books
Limit on Number of Users...10  Type of Resource...Full-text databases  Subject of Resource...History  
This database "Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books (Zhongguo Jiben Gujiku)" is one of the largest digital archives of ancient Chinese prints.
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