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WWW RDA Toolkit
Limit on Number of Users...2  Type of Resource...Full-text databases  Subject of Resource...Library and Information Science  English
Web version of "Resource Description and Access: RDA"
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WWW Reaxys °őprovided by Institute for Chemical Research°Ō
Limit on Number of Users...No limit  Type of Resource...Figures, Statistics, Numerical data  Subject of Resource...Chemistry  English
Reaxys is a brand-new workflow solution for chemists. Offering a wealth of experimentally validated information, Reaxys brings a fresh look to synthetic chemistry through powerful functionality and relevant content. Designed by the chemists that brought you the CrossFire databases, Reaxys reduces the time it takes to get to the relevant results.

Ę£It includes 3 databases
  • CrossFire Beilstein
  • CrossFire Gmelin
  • Patent Chemistry Database

Reaxys Guide by Institute for Chemical Research (jpn)

WWW RefWorks
Type of Resource...Bibliographic data, Abstracts, Indexes  Subject of Resource...General - Whole Field  English
Online bibliographic management program that allows users to create a personal database of references and generate bibliographies in a variety of formats.

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