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This work of Philipp Franz Balthazar von Siebold (1796-1866) was compiled by three scholars of the Leyden Museum on the basis of the enormous number of zoological specimens collected by Siebold during his stay in Nagasaki 1823-1829 and of rough sketches by the Japanese artist Keiga Kawahara and others. It was published serially in five volumes over the long period of 1833-1850.

This was the first material written in a Western language on Japanese fauna, and it introduced Japanese fauna to the West on a wide scale.

  • Birds      Aves  1844-1850  12 vol.
  • Fish      Pisces  1842-1850  16 vol.
  • Crustaceans  Crustacea  1833-1850@8 vol.
  • Mammals  Mammalia  1842-1844@4 vol.
  • Reptiles (including Amphibia) Reptilia  1834-1838  3 vol.
The work in the possession of the Faculty of Science of the Kyoto University comprises a total of four volumes, "Birds", "Fish", "Crustaceans" and "Mammals & Reptiles" (combined volume).

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    The division of labor regarding the different volumes was as follows:
    ["Mammals", "Birds", "Reptiles (including Amphibia)", "Fish"]
    Leyden Museum Curator Coenraad  Jacob Temminck (Temminck, Coenraad Jacob, 1778-1858) ;
    Curator of Vertebrata  Hermann Schlegel (Schlegel, Hermann, 1804-1884)
    Curator of Invertebrata  Wilhem de Haan (De Haan, Wilhem, 1801-1855)

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