Report of the construction of Edystone Lighthouse
A narrative of the building and a description of the construction of the Edystone Lighthouse with stone
to which is subjoined, an appendix, giving some account of the lighthouse on the Spurn Point, built upon a sand by John Smiton.

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  • The Eddystone lighthouse was built in 1696 on the Eddystone Rocks 14 miles south of Plymouth at the western end of the English Channel and was well-known as a danger to shipping. The first lighthouse built by Henry Winstanley (1644-1703) and the second, which represented a radical improvement on the first, were engulfed and destroyed by a violent storm in 1703. The replacement lighthouse built by John Rudyard was completed in 1709 and endured 46 years until 1755. This work is a detailed report on the history of lighthouses on the site covering the initial experiments for the first lighthouse to the fourth structure which was completed in 1759 by 18th century English civil engineer John Smiton (1724-1792), who engaged in its building.

    A collection of illustrations including "Sea-Charts for the Vicinity of the Eddystone Lighthouse" as well as minutely detailed front-elevations and cross-sections of the lighthouses are gathered at the end of the book.

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Illustration No.
Illustration Captions
4:South elevation of the original lighthouse
The first lighthouse
by Winstanley
1 A general chart of the seas surrounding the Edystone Lignthouse.
2 Maps of the coast and country opposite the Edystone Rocks.
3 A general plan of the Edystone Rocks, as seen at low water of a spring tide; comprehending every thing liable to damage a ship.
4 South elevation of the original lighthouse, built upon the Edystone Rocks, according to the first design of . Taken from a perspective print drawn at the rock by JaaziellJohnston, painter.
5 South elevation of Winstanley's lighthouse upon the Edystone Rocks; as it was finished in the year 1699. Drawn orthographically from a perspective print thereof, published by himself.
5:South elevation of Winstanley's lighthouse
The second lighthouse
by Winstnley
6 South elevation and section of Rudyerd's lighthouse, completed in 1709. Represented as st stood previouse to its demolition by fire, in the year 1755.
7 A plan and perspective elevation of the Edystone Rocks as seen from the west.
8 South elevation of the stone completed upon the Edystone in 1759. Shewing a prospect of the nearest land, as it appears from the rock in a clear calm day.
9 Section of the Edystone Lighthouse upon the east and west line, as relative no.8. Supposing it the low water of a spring tide.
6:South elevation and section of Rudyerd's lighthouse
The third lighthouse
by Rudyard
10 Plans of the rock after being cut, and prepared to receive the stone building. Shewing the six foundations courses.
11 Plans of the all different courses from the top of the rocks to the top of the balcony floor inclusive.
12 An enlarged horizontal and vertical section of the Edystone Lantern; more particularly describing the general flame; the windows and apparatus for moving and managing the chandeliers.
13 Original ideas, hints, and sketches, from whence the general form the present building was taken.
14 A view of the rock on the east side; and of the work advanced to course XV. the first of the entry courses; shewing the manner of landing and hoisting the stones, &c. in every after stage of the building.
8:South elevation of the stone completed upon the Edystone in 1759
The fourth lighthouse by Smiton
15 Explanatory sketches of particular parts comprehended in the foregoing general descriptions.
16 Mr. Jessop's draught, by which the yawls were built for the Edystone service.
17 Plan and description of the work-yard at Mill-Bay, with its furniture and utensils.
18 Descriptions of supplemental matters, having reference to the Edystone building.
20:Plan of the Spurn Point, as in 1786
Spurn Point
19 A map of the coasts and country near the Spurn Point.
20 Plan of the Spurn Point, as in 1786. Also its variations during the preceding twenty years.
21 Section of the high lighthouse, upon the Spurn Point to the same scale as the Edystone.
22 Plans of the different floors applicable to the preceding section.
23 Elevation of the high lighthouse, and of the swape for exhibiting the low light, upon Spurn Point.

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