The triumphal arch of l'Etoile Arc de triomphe de l'Etoire
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  • Work on the Arc de Triomphe at the Etoile was begun in 1806 on the basis of the design by French architect Jean-Francois-Therese Chalgrin (1739-1811) and by order of Napoleon I (1769-1821) who, motivated by the desire to make Paris the leading capital of the world, attempted to fill the city with monuments. Interrupted by the collapse of Napoleon's regime, work on the arch was only completed 30 years later in 1836.

    In addition to a variety of drawings such as panoramic views, designs, front- and side elevations, and vertical sections and cross-sections, this work is accompanied by illustrations of pillar reliefs and inscriptions by representative sculptors of the period like Francois Rude (1784-1855), Jean-Pierre Cortot (1787-1843) and Antoine Etex (1808-1888) and a commentary upon all aspects of the construction of the Arc de Triomphe, and was compiled by architect and Chief Inspector of Monuments J.D. Thierry. It constitutes a gathering of the largest illustrations in this entire collection of French architectural materials.

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Illustration No.
Illustration Captions
1 Perspective de l'Arc de triomphe
View of the arch
2 Perspective a vol d'oiseau./Plan general
Bird's eye chart/General plan
3 Plan au niveau du sol./Plan au niveau de l'architrave de l'entablement
Plan of the ground level/plan of the architrave of the entablement
4 Plan au niveau de l'attique./Plan du dallage superieur
Plan of the upper section/plan of the flooring of the upper section
5 Elevation principale avec projet de couronnement
Principal elevation and plan of ornamentaion
6 Elevation laterale./Plan sous le dallage de la grande salle/Plan sous le dallage de la plate-forme
Lateral elevation/plan of the grand salon flooring/flooring of the platform
7 Coupe longitudinale sur l'axe des petits arcs./Coupe longitudinale sur les escaliers superieurs
Vertical section of the small arch/cross section of the upper staircase
8 Coupe transversale sur l'axe du grand arc./Coupe transversale sur les petits arcs
Cross section of the grand arch/cross section of the small arch
9 Renommees du grand arc. Sculpte par Pradier
Fama and Rumour of the Grand Arch: two reputedly allegoric characters of Roman mythology. The two women are depicted either as winged trumpet players or as possessing one hundred mouths. (French-Japanese General Dictionary, 1981, Hakusuisha Publishing Co. Ltd.) Sculpted by Pradier
10 Renommees du grand arc. Sculpte par Pradier
Sculpture on the grand arch by Pradier
11 Figures allegorique des petits arcs exterieurs. Infanterie, Cavalerie
Allegorical figure of the small exterior arches, Infantry, cavalier
12 Figures allegoriques des petits arcs interieurs. Artillerie et Marine
Allegorical figure of the small interior arches, Artillery, marine
13 Bas-reliefs allegoriques sous les petits arcs
Allegorical bas-reliefs of the small arches
14 Bas-relief de la frise du grand entablement. Le depart et le retour des armees. Depart des armees
Bas-reliefs of the frieze of the grand entablement, the departure of armies
15 Bas-relief de la frise du grand entablement. Le depart et le retour des armees. Retour des armees
Bas-reliefs of the frieze of the grand entablement, the return of armies
16 Bas-reliefs des faces principales
Bas-reliefs of the main front
17 Bas-reliefs des faces laterales
Bas-reliefs of the back front
18 Le Depart, 1792. Sculpte par Rude
The Departure, 1792, sculpted by Rude
19 Le Triomphe, 1810. Sculpte par Cortot
The Triumph, 1810, sculpted by Cortot
20 La Resistance, 1814. Sculpte par Etex
The Resistance, 1814, sculpted by Etex
21 La Paix, 1815. Sculpte par Etex
The Peace, 1815, sculpted by Etex
22 Projets primitifs, par MM. Chalgrin et Raymond
First plan by Mr. Chalgrin and Raymond
23 Projets successifs pour l'achevement du monument
Plan for accomplishment of the monument
24 Inscriptions sur les boucliers de l'attique et sous le grand arc
Inscriptions on the wind-break and the grand arch
25 Inscriptions sur les petits arcs
Inscriptins on the small arches
26 Inscriptions sur les petits arcs
Inscriptins on the small arches

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