Dioceses of Paris Etrennes ecclesiastiques
historiques et topographiques de l'archeveche de Paris et des beautes que l'on y admire
  • This work of the land surveyor Desnos is a collection of 18 maps covering the archdiocese of Paris for use by the clergy. Each map contains historical and topographical descriptions relating to the area it shows.

    The place-names and names of buildings in the alphabetical index, which is attached to each of the maps, are followed by abbreviations for abbey, priory, chapel, parish or castle, so that the ecclesiastical buildings of any particular location can be grasped in detail.

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Illustration No. Illustration Captions
2:Environs de Paris
Around Paris
1 Carte generale.
2 Environs de Paris.
3 Environs de Versailles.
4 Partie des Doyennes de Montlhery, de Chateaufort, de vieux Corbeil
5 Environs de Chevreuse.
6 Environs de Dourdan.
7 Partie des doyennes de Montlhery, de Chateaufort, des dioceses de Sens et de Chartres.
8 Environ de Melun.  
9 Environs de Nangis.
16:Environs de Pontoise
Around Pontoise
10 Environ de Brie Cte. Robert.
11 Environs de Rosoy.
12 Environs de Lagny.
13 Environs de Dammartin.
14 Partie des doyennes de Montmorency, de Chelle, de Chateaufort et des dioceses de Beauvais et de Chartres.
15 Environs de Chantilly.
16 Environs de Pontoise.

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