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Exhibit and Pre-Exhibit list of the Restoration Sho'in Yoshida


*Exhibit list

(1)Drawing of Sonjodo

(2)Portrait of Yoshida Shoin with his inscription

(3)Sho-ryu-shi - a verse

(4)Letters to Shinagawa Yajiro and other friends

(5)Letter to Shinagawa Yajiro

(6)Letter to Shinagawa Yajiro and other writings

(7)Letter to Shinagawa Yajiro beginning with "Sui-ka-wago-no-ron"

(8)The art of verse making - an illustration

(9)Verse in Chinese-style

(10)Okamoto Plum garden - a painting with inscription

(11)Verse in Chinese-style

(12)Verse in Chinese-style mourning for the death of Yoshida Shouin

(13)Verse in Chinese-style

(14)Verse in Chinese-style

(15)Imayo ballad

(16)Letter to Yamadera Kakudo

(17)One of Shoin's teachings, with comments by Shinagawa Yajiro



(20)"Gi-taisaku" - a counterplan with comments by Yoshida Shoin

(21)Draft of a protest

(22)Draft of the historical essay

(23)On "Sun-zi" - an ancient Chinese art of war

(24)Extracts from "Rishi-Fun-sho" - a Confusian book

(25)"Gu-ron" - a critical essay on political issues

(26)Painting of Mt.Fuji in memory, with a verse in Chinese style

(27)Letter to Chubei

(28)Waka verse

(29)Letter to Yamadera Kakudo

(30)Letters of Fujita Toko and other manuscripts

(31)Letters of Fujita Toko and other manuscripts

(32)Letter to Kitamura Toma

(33)Verse in Chinese-style

(34)Campaign journal in Ten-no-zan

(35)Letters to Maebara Issei and Irie Kuichi


(38)Verse in Chinese-style and painting of landscape on a folding fan

(39)Verse in Chinese-style

(40)"Eiketsu-Iboku" - autographs by departed heroes

(41)"Eiketsu-Iboku" - autographs by departed heroes

(42)"Eiketsu-Iboku" - autographs by departed heroes

(43)"Eiketsu-Iboku" - autographs by departed heroes

(44)A confederacy paper

(45)Draft of the feudal confederacy concluded by the three clans: Satsuma, Choshu and Geishu

(46)Engagement paper of Shoka-son-jyuku

*Pre-Exhibit list

(1)Choka verse

(2)Choka verse

(3)Letter to Oba Denshichi

(4)Verse in Chinese-style

(5)Scroll of calligraphy

(6)Scroll of calligraphy

(7)Scroll of calligraphy

(8)Verse in Chinese-style

(9)Painting of seventeen samurais dying at Ten-no-zan

(10)Painting of Minamoto Sanetomo in Nasu Shinohara

(11)Painting of cranes

(12)Drawing of an alien

(13)Letter to Shimamura Morikichi

(14)Painting of plum blossoms with inscription

(15)Letter to Indo Ritsu

(16)Letter to Indo Ritsu

(17)Verse in 1858

(18)Verse in Chinese-style

(19)Portrait of Napoleon

(20)Verse in Chinese-style

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